Your home in Lumberton, TX has air conditioning, heating, electrical systems and plumbing components like water heaters, all of which need to function as expected in order to keep your home clean, safe and comfortable. In some cases, you may need to run all over town to find services that can install, repair, and keep your HVAC & water heater systems them maintained. Or you could call on the pros at Air Services Unlimited who do it all.

Our professionally trained staff can handle air conditioning, heating, and water heater services throughout the area, and we’re ready to go whenever you need us. Whether you need a new system put in, an old one replaced, or an existing one serviced or repaired, we’re the first name you should turn to every time. Give us a call today!

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Air Conditioning Keeps You Cool in the Heat of Summer

Texas summers are as hot as they come, and to combat them, you need an air conditioner ready to meet the challenge. Our services include every stage of your air conditioner’s life. It starts with installation, which the trained pros at Air Services Unlimited can perform with courtesy and pride. It continues with annual maintenance sessions and repair calls for those times when preventative care isn’t quite enough. Finally, when your system is old and ready to be put out to pasture, we’ll be there to perform a replacement installation with the skill you’ve come to expect. If you live in Lumberton, TX, call us today! Learn more about our air conditioning services here.

Ductless Air Conditioning Provides Greater Control

If a ducted system doesn’t work for your household, then you may want to consider a ductless system. It allows you greater control over your airflow in each room. You can tailor the temperature to fit individual tastes without affecting the rest of the house, or even turn off the air in parts of the house you aren’t using!

Don’t Neglect Heating Systems in the Winter

Lumberton, TX isn’t the coldest city in the nation, and our hot, muggy summers mean that homeowners will often neglect their heating systems. This can be a big mistake. Winter nights can get plenty chilly around here, and a reliable heater will save you time and inconvenience over a cheaper model or one that’s installed in a shoddy manner. The pros at Air Services Unlimited can take on heating installation, as well as repair, maintenance and replacement duties. Contact us today and keep your heater running this winter!

Furnaces Benefit from Maintenance

Most homes in our area used forced–air furnaces to heat their rooms, and sooner or later a repair call is probably going to happen. But you can head a lot of repair issues off before they get started with annual maintenance sessions, performed once a year (ideally before heating season starts) by a trained heating technician. It can prevent a lot of problems!

Look Into Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Geothermal systems use coiled tubes planted beneath the earth – below the line where the surface temperature can affect them – to perform a heat exchange with the surrounding ground. As a result, you can heat and cool your home in Lumberton, TX by using an infinitely renewable resource. That means lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint, as well as a clean and easy means to heat and cool a home that’s off the civic electrical grid. Call Air Services Unlimited today to learn more about your options!

Trust Us for Proper Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality usually translates to dehumidifiers, which keep our high moisture levels in check and help your air conditioner handle the stress of our Lumberton, TX summers a little better. But it also means things like air filters and air cleaners, designed to remove dust and other particles in your home. Every household is different and your needs may vary. That’s why you should call the pros at Air Services Unlimited to get a good look at your home and help you decide what kind of indoor air quality system works best!

Dehumidifiers Help Beat the Heat

Heat is one thing, but high humidity levels make it so much worse. That sweaty feeling in the air makes it feel hotter than it is and forces your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to keep your home cool. You can help it out with a whole–house dehumidifier, lowering the moisture levels and restoring comfort to your home!

Depend on Timely Water Heater Maintenance

You water heater usually goes about its job without much fuss, but when problems arise, they tend to do so suddenly. Many of those problems can be treated with timely maintenance once a year from the trained professionals at Air Services Unlimited. We can come in and drain the tank, removing sediment from the bottom in the process, as well as unclogging burners and replacing the anode rod that keeps the sides of the tank from rusting. All of that helps your system run more smoothly and last longer!

Commercial HVAC Systems Need Swift Repair

Residential HVAC systems in Lumberton, TX are one thing, but if you own a commercial space or act as an office manager, you can’t afford to sit on any problems. A broken HVAC system will turn your space into an icebox in the winter or sweathouse in the summer. Employee productivity will go down and customers will stay away in droves. Look to Air Services Unlimited for swift and effective commercial HVAC repair, getting your system up and running again and keeping your business operating smoothly!