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24 Hour Emergency Service

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Air Conditioning Repair Services

We offer emergency air conditioning repairs 24 hours a day throughout Beaumont and surrounding areas in Texas. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, our HVAC technicians are professionally trained & NATE-certified, and our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call to get in touch with one of our AC repair experts today. With years of training in the industry, Air Services Unlimited can make sure that your home is comfortable all year round!

Along with our AC repair services, we also offer air conditioning installation, replacement, and maintenance services. Signing up for our maintenance program can actually save you money in the long run as we will perform regular preventative maintenance check-ups that will help you avoid costly repairs and system breakdowns. Of course, no matter how much preventative action you take, your AC unit can still break down from time to time, so feel free to keep us on speed dial!

Common AC Repairs

Wondering what could be wrong with your AC system? You cannot be certain until you contact a trained air conditioning specialist with experience diagnosing and repairing a range of problems. This list, however, may help you to get a good sense of the common problems our technicians see.

  • Low Refrigerant – Since this is the chemical that absorbs and releases heat for the refrigeration process, low refrigerant levels can cause major malfunctions for your air conditioner.
  • Problems with the Fan Motor – If the motor is at fault for your cooling problems, you may need to replace the fan motor, or just the fan belt (a much smaller repair).
  • Clogged Filters – Believe it or not, clogged AC air filters are a common reason for a system to short–cycle or fail to deliver. You might try changing your filter before you call.
  • Faulty Capacitor – When the cooling system breaks down completely or will not turn on at all, you may think the worst. Luckily, it could just be a failed start or run capacitor, and this is an inexpensive fix.
  • Broken Compressor – You may need a new AC system altogether when the compressor. Replacing just the compressor typically is not worth it.

Do You Need an Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement?

Call a technician to find out if AC replacement is the better choice. An older air conditioning system (around 10–15 years old) that needs a lot of expensive repairs is probably better off being replaced. A new system will run more efficiently anyway, saving you money in the long term.

If you are worried that your malfunctioning air conditioner may need replacement, turn the system off and call in an expert. Quality AC technicians will not recommend replacement if a repair is the better option. When you call us, you work with technicians you can always trust!

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

We service all makes and models, and we fully stock our trucks so we are ready for the work ahead. We offer 24–hour emergency AC repair service in Beaumont because we know that, for parts of the year, you couldn’t get through the night without a working air conditioning system. We can diagnose the problem quickly, explain your options and all associated costs, and get started on the work ahead.

We are trained in the following system types as well:

Call our friendly team to learn more about our HVAC services at 409-842-4429.

Air Services Unlimited is a trusted name in HVAC, and we want to become your go-to HVAC services company for life.