Have you ever had an argument with the people in your home about the temperature? Often, one family member would prefer to keep the home cooler than is comfortable for many of the other people in the household. This means you end up turning down the temperature throughout the house for the good of only one family member, using excess energy in the process. A zone heating and cooling system allows you more control over your HVAC system with separate thermostats in each room or zone. Call Air Services Unlimited to learn more about zone heating and AC in your area.

Air Services Unlimited provides zone control system services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

Installing a Zone Heating and Cooling System

Installing a zone air conditioning and heating system is a complex job that requires the help of a trained HVAC technician. Your technician must cut open the ducts, install dampers, connect these to a control system, and reseal the ducts. Several dampers are placed throughout the ducts—one in each zone of the home—and these open or close in order to let air in and out. Each damper is controlled by its own thermostat and connected to a master thermostat that controls everything at once.

The Benefits of Zone Air Conditioning and Heating

Zone control systems offer several benefits to homeowners. Take a look at what a zone heating and cooling system can do for your home and family.

Fewer Arguments:
Of course, you’re probably not constantly at odds with your family members over the temperature in the home, but a zone control system can still help to keep the peace to some extent. Unhappy with the temperature in a room? You can always go to another area and adjust the temperature to your preferences.
Even Heating and Cooling:
Many homes have an issue with even heating and air conditioning distribution. If your home is very large and has multiple stories, one area of the home (such as the upstairs) may always seem warmer than the others. The same is true for rooms with large windows or vaulted ceilings. A zone control system allows you to target certain areas of the home so that heat and air can reach those areas that are difficult to condition to your settings. The air conditioner or heater will run for longer in those tough to reach areas, without keeping the HVAC system running longer than it needs to in order to cool or heat the rest of the house.
Lower Energy Bills:
A zone control system can help to lower your energy bills in a number of ways. If a room in the home goes unused through the day, simply shut off the AC or heater to this area only. Furthermore, you won’t have to overexert your air conditioner or heating system in order to get to the second story or to work around a unique architectural feature.

We Offer Zone Heating and Cooling

If you want to keep your home more comfortable and lower your bills without replacing your entire HVAC system, now is the time to think about installing a zone control system. Call the professional HVAC technicians at Air Services Unlimited to schedule zone control system installation or service in your area today.