Do you need a air conditioner installed in your new home? Is your Hamshire TX heater leaving cold spots throughout your house? Are you concerned that it may be time for a water heater replacement very soon? Whatever the case may be, dialing out number is the first step toward procuring the services that you need. Air Services Unlimited has made a name for itself by providing our valued customers with exceptional heating, air conditioning, and water heater services in Hamshire, TX. When you work with the pros on our staff, you can know for certain that your systems–and your comfort–are in the best of hands. Call today to learn more or schedule a service online.

Air Services Unlimited offers air conditioning, heating, and water heater services in Hamshire, TX.

In Hamshire TX Air Conditioning Is Something We Take Seriously

To say that the heat of the summer season around here is intense is to make a massive understatement. The summer weather can be truly sweltering, and it will really do a number on your air conditioning system in Hamshire. The good news is that we are available to install and service your air conditioner, which means that you can count on it to function as effectively and efficiently as possible. Let us protect your comfort during the hottest time of the year.

Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

There are a few reasons as to why you may want to use ductless air conditioning in your home. This is a wonderful option for homeowners without the space for ductwork in their homes. It is also ideal for homeowners looking to avoid energy loss via leaky ductwork. Plus, the system can double as a heater in the winter, and allows for simple zone controlled comfort. Learn more about our ductless air conditioning services.

Keep Your Heating System in Mind

We know that our winter weather pales in comparison to the heat of the summer season, but that doesn’t give your Hamshire, TX heating system a free pass. You are going to need your system in order to heat your home throughout the coldest time of the year, and you want it to do so both efficiently and effectively. That is why we are the company to call when the time comes to schedule a heating installation, or any heating maintenance or repair work that you may need.

Why Are Furnaces So Popular?

There are a few reasons as to why the furnace is so popular: since they heat air and then distribute that heated air throughout homes via ductwork, furnaces are ideal for homeowners looking for prompt and effective heating. They tend to be rather affordable, too, and may use natural gas or electricity in order to generate heat. Learn more about our furnace services.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Is Eco–Friendly and Very Efficient

Because the temperature beneath the ground remains pretty constant throughout the year, it really makes a lot of sense to use the heat in the ground in order to heat one’s home. By transferring this heat into your house, you can heat your home with exceptional efficiency, and quite affordably. The fact that geothermal systems can cool homes as well only sweetens the deal. Let us know if you think that geothermal heating and cooling is the right fit for your home.

Keep the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home High

When the quality of the air in your home is low, you are not going to live comfortably. This can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, and can also impede the operation of your HVAC systems. The best thing to do is to hire a professional IAQ technician, such as those on our team, in order to get the systems and services that you need to attain and maintain great indoor air quality in your home. Let us know what you’re experiencing, and we’ll find the right systems for your needs.

We Install and Service Whole–House Dehumidifiers

High humidity levels make it hard for sweat to evaporate, which inhibits the body’s natural cooling process. Plus, it can lead to wood rot, the promotion of mold growth, and other issues. Don’t let high humidity levels put your comfort or the condition of your property in jeopardy. Let us install a whole–house dehumidifier in your home.

Call Now for Water Heater Services

There are a lot of great water heaters on the market today. The fact of the matter, though, is that you aren’t going to the best performance possible from any one of them if you don’t schedule your water heater installation, repair and maintenance service with a qualified party. Whether you want a tank, tankless, or heat pump water heater, you can count on us to ensure that it is of the right capacity for your needs, and that it functions properly.

Our Commercial HVAC Technicians Exemplify Professionalism

You have enough on your plate as a commercial property owner. You shouldn’t have to add worrying about the performance quality of your commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems to the mix. When you work with us, you won’t have to. From designing brand new systems to repairing and maintaining existing equipment, our technicians excel in all manner of commercial HVAC and refrigeration services. When you schedule service with us, you can focus on the more pressing matters of your day–to–day business.