Marine HVAC-R Services

Air Services Unlimited is your best choice for marine HVAC/R services from Beaumont, TX, to Lake Charles, LA, including the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas of the Gulf of Mexico. We service off-shore drilling platforms, ocean-going freighters, naval vessels, and much more. Our licensed and certified HVAC-R technicians are experienced in helping our maritime customers meet emergency repair needs, minimize downtime, and extend the life of equipment through maintenance and planning. We don’t just know the lingo. After 30+ years in the industry helping customers just like you, we know what’s important to you.

Safety – We’ll help you meet all maritime industry safety regulations concerning your equipment and avoid disasters out at sea and in port. We specialize in providing cooling for sensitive electrical equipment and the areas where they are kept.

Functionality – You may not need all the bells and whistles to accomplish your goal. Maybe you do. Our team will always start with a needs assessment to help you determine what equipment is best to keep your team and equipment working towards a goal within the budget that provides you the best ROI.

Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness – Whether you bring us in at the planning, design, installation, or maintenance phase of your ERP, we can help you avoid costly downtime through maintenance, manage energy usage, and plan future expenditures. We provide day-rate billing so you have access to our technicians for the amount of time you need at a flat predetermined rate. Our service agreements help extend the life and efficiency of your current equipment.

Computerized Monitoring & Controls – You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So we’ll help you design the proper control and alert systems, including thermostats, to keep your people and equipment productive and safe.

Regulations – Our technicians and planning team stay up to date on the latest certifications and maritime HVAC and refrigeration regulations to help keep you in compliance.

Comfort – We can create the perfect atmosphere for your staff or crew, whether it be in the office or the living quarters. We can keep your kitchens, electrical rooms, and motor control centers (MCC) at the perfect temperatures for comfortable staff and optimized equipment.

Heating Services

Air Services Unlimited is able to help you at any stage of need. We offer design, installation, planned and emergency repair, and maintenance services of any of your equipment. As we do with all of our inland customers, we offer our maritime customers superior services in:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Refrigeration
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Ductwork
  • Controls
  • Thermostats

Hazard Prevention

Anyone who’s ever worked on the water knows that a fire is the worst hazard you can have while away from shore. At Air Services Unlimited, we specialize in providing solutions for sensitive electrical and potentially hazardous equipment.

Motor Control Centers (MCC) – We can help you protect the vessel’s mainframe and other heat-generating electrical equipment with climate controlling equipment and alerts.

Hazardous environments – Meet and maintain safety standards and regulations with modified/built up HVAC units. Air Services Unlimited can encase units in protective non-conductive materials to avoid sparks and reduce the risk of fires on-board your vessel.

Have a hazard or situation that’s not mentioned? Give our problem-solvers a call and let us help you design a solution for it.

At Air Services Unlimited, we aim to keep you afloat, both literally and figuratively. We carry all the necessary licensing and insurance, and our certified and experienced technicians are more than up to the task.

Contact Air Services Unlimited immediately to start protecting your vessel, your crew, and your equipment from the elements today.

Need Financing?

At Air Services Unlimited, we understand that some purchases require financing. Therefore, we offer options for 
financing on many different levels and for many different services.
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Texas License: #TACLA27909C | Louisiana License: #65656

Regulated by Texas Dept of Licensing & Regulation PO Box 12157 • Austin, TX 78711 • 800-803-9202

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