15 Ways to Save on Heating Bills

Taking steps to save on heating bills in the winter will also help you save money in the summer. It’s all about minimizing energy waste by keeping inside air in and outside air out. Furnace repair, insulated curtains, LED lighting, ceiling fans and smart heating systems should all be apart of a strategy for saving […]

6 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner System Last Longer

Do you want to ensure your Air Conditioner System Lasts Longer? Well, who would say “no” to this? With the national average cost to install an Air Conditioning System being nearly $5,500, it makes since to do all you can to keep your AC unit working. In general, the lifespan of most air conditioner systems […]

Why Won’t the Temperature of My AC Go Low Enough?

When you get home after any amount of time spent outdoors in the Texas heat—even on the walk from the driveway to your front door—you hope to be greeted by a nicely chilled home. Many people walk straight to the thermostat and lower the temperature settings as much as they go or to a temperature […]

Why Does My Air Conditioner Need Repair Already?

It’s the beginning of the season, so what’s up with all of these problems with your air conditioner? You expect your AC system to run smoothly for most of summer. If it’s going to break down, it tends to happen in the middle of a hot season that really took its toll on your air […]