How Often Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit in Southeast Texas?

Let’s be honest. There are some places where it would be almost unbearable to live without air conditioning. Southeast, Texas is one of them. As a property owner having a maintenance budget for repair and future replacement cost is important. The last thing you want to experience a major home repair and not have the […]

The Top 5 Ways Pet Owners Waste Energy

When summertime rolls around, homeowners in our area are pretty aware of how much their electric bills are going to rise. Naturally, you’ll want to do everything you can to save as much money as possible. When you have pets, this high level of energy efficiency can seem hard. After all, while you’re not home […]

Midsummer AC Care: Change Your Air Filter!

This isn’t new information—pretty much any HVAC professional you talk to is going to say it’s necessary that you replace your Nederland, TX air conditioning system’s air filter every 1-3 months during periods of use, depending on the level of contaminants in your home and the type of air filter you have. If you have […]

Common AC Myths to Forget About

The internet can be a fantastic place full of plenty of useful information, which is great (for the most part)! But sometimes, too much information can cause serious problems, since not all of that information is always true. But you can type in a question about any home appliance and receive pages of helpful tips, […]

Common Early Season Air Conditioning Repairs

Spring is officially here, but for Texas residents, the seasons all kind of meld together with how hot it is the majority of the year. We can expect plenty of sweltering days to come, especially when summertime comes around. Chances are, you’re already running your Groves, TX air conditioning system. And if you’ve had your […]

Is Your HVAC Contractor Qualified for the Job?

It can be scary to have a contractor in your home when you know nothing about the HVAC company you’ve called or if you have never worked with them in the past. Will they repair your system properly? Will they try to sell you services or products you don’t really need? And how do you […]

Hidden HVAC System Repairs You Should Make Today

Your air conditioner got you through the summer, and you’ve tested your heater to be sure it will get you through the colder months. That’s all the reassurance you need, right? Well, not all problems with an air conditioner or heater make themselves known as you run the system. When an air conditioner or heater […]

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Air Conditioning Repair

It seems like the summer gets longer and longer every year. Technically it’s fall right now, but out-of-towners (without any concept of time) would not be able to guess. Your air conditioner likely still has to run for part of the day, and that means you’re risking a potential AC repair every day. The longer […]

What Should You Do When You Need Emergency AC Repair?

Texas air conditioners take a lot of hits throughout the year. All that energy use and wear and tear throughout most of the year can take its toll on your AC system, and it’s most likely to break down when it’s working hardest—in the middle of a hot day when you need it most! In […]

New Technologies for Air Conditioning Efficiency and Ease of Use

All air conditioners are not made the same. Air conditioners come in all different sizes. They can be installed as a split system with an indoor and outdoor unit or they can be placed on the rooftop as a packaged unit, with all of the components in one cabinet. They can use manual thermostats or […]