Do You Need AC Repair or Replacement?

When anything valuable in your home starts to show signs of wear and tear, you often hope it can be saved. But for something as important as an air conditioner, you can’t afford to wait to find out. For much of the year in Texas, an air conditioner is an essential item, unlike in other […]

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Air Conditioning Repair

It seems like the summer gets longer and longer every year. Technically it’s fall right now, but out-of-towners (without any concept of time) would not be able to guess. Your air conditioner likely still has to run for part of the day, and that means you’re risking a potential AC repair every day. The longer […]

Don’t Put Off This Air Conditioning Repair

There are plenty of things we put off even though we know we shouldn’t. You might decide that you can wait to put gas in your car, even though you know it’s a bad idea to drive around while you’re low on fuel. You may decide to wait to scrub the floors or wash the […]

How Does an Air Conditioner Freeze in the Heat?

Air conditioners are not supposed to freeze. While many of the same components are used for your home freezer, you might be surprised to know that a freezing air conditioner is actually a bad thing. As you’ll see below, it forces your air conditioner to work harder than it’s meant to and can cost you […]

HVAC Safety After a Flood

We want to take a moment to send out our thoughts to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please, if you are able, give to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, so that those who need it can get the resources to stay safe, hydrated, and healthy and, eventually, get back on their feet. For now, we […]

5 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

In the warmest parts of the country, our air conditioning bills can skyrocket rather quickly. Some days, it may seem like your air conditioner is running non-stop, which can really run up energy costs. But there are ways to make an air conditioner work more efficiently, so that you see a return on investment over […]

Why Won’t the Temperature Go Down to 72°?

You rely on your air conditioner to provide suitable temperatures when the temperature of the outdoor air is unbearable. And often, you want the temperature indoors to be as low as possible. We know how nice it is to get out of the scorching summer sun and make your way into a chilly room.

3 Signs It’s Time to Call for Air Conditioning Repair

It’s pretty easy to tell that when your AC won’t start, or completely shuts off for seemingly no reason, that it’s time to call for repair help. But what about those times when your air conditioner is running, but things just seem to off somehow? Should you call for an expert? Here are some tips […]