How To Fix AC Unit Before Buying A New One

Are you struggling with a broken AC unit during this long and hot summer? Are you contemplating buying a new one? Well, hold on a second. Don’t waste the money on a new unit if you can fix the old one! Your broken air conditioner may be able to be fixed quickly and for less money […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House?

Summers is in full force, and it’s blazing hot outside. With this kind of weather, air conditioners are a real Southeast Texas necessity. You come home ready to cool off in comfort. But wait! Why is it so warm inside? The air conditioner is running but not cooling the house! There can be various reasons […]

Fall is Here, Can My AC Repair Needs Wait?

Now that fall has arrived here in Texas, you might consider holding off on any repairs for your air conditioning system due to the imminent cold weather. But you shouldn’t wait around until spring to get the necessary repairs for your air conditioning system—especially here in Texas. We’ll have warm weather here in Port Neches […]

Why Turning Your Thermostat Down Isn’t Helping

Here in Texas, we have lingering summer heat well into fall, because we run our air conditioning systems so often, it’s important to really know how these systems work. These almost triple digit September temperatures can bring attention to problems ailing your AC If you’re turning your thermostat down to a low temperature like 70º […]

Don’t Put Off This Air Conditioning Repair

There are plenty of things we put off even though we know we shouldn’t. You might decide that you can wait to put gas in your car, even though you know it’s a bad idea to drive around while you’re low on fuel. You may decide to wait to scrub the floors or wash the […]

How Does an Air Conditioner Freeze in the Heat?

Air conditioners are not supposed to freeze. While many of the same components are used for your home freezer, you might be surprised to know that a freezing air conditioner is actually a bad thing. As you’ll see below, it forces your air conditioner to work harder than it’s meant to and can cost you […]

What Should You Do When You Need Emergency AC Repair?

Texas air conditioners take a lot of hits throughout the year. All that energy use and wear and tear throughout most of the year can take its toll on your AC system, and it’s most likely to break down when it’s working hardest—in the middle of a hot day when you need it most! In […]

4 Things that Affect Air Conditioning Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic in modern appliances. The more efficient your oven, dishwasher, or clothes dryer is, the more you can save. With an air conditioner, the potential to save is even higher with a more efficient system, especially if you live in Texas. The cost of running your air conditioner is incredibly […]

Why Won’t the Temperature of My AC Go Low Enough?

When you get home after any amount of time spent outdoors in the Texas heat—even on the walk from the driveway to your front door—you hope to be greeted by a nicely chilled home. Many people walk straight to the thermostat and lower the temperature settings as much as they go or to a temperature […]

The Easiest Way to Prevent AC Repair

We understand that people don’t love to call in a technician to fix something in the house. While we do everything we can to provide you with a positive experience, it’s still money you didn’t plan on spending and time you’d rather not take out of your day. We offer convenient scheduling and fast emergency […]