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Air Filtrations Systems

Do you have allergy sufferers in your home? Does anyone have asthma or another type of chronic respiratory disorder? An air filtration system can go a long way toward reducing the amount of agitation and attacks. However, air filters have a range of capabilities, and making sure you use the right air filter in your home is just one of the comprehensive air filtration services we offer. Our experts can install, repair, maintain and replace your air filtration system so that you have the clean air you need—all you have to do is give us a call and our helpful staff will schedule you an appointment in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana areas.

Why Understanding MERV Is Important for Air Filtration Systems

As mentioned above, different air filters have different capabilities. The best way to assess how effective a particular air filter will be is to first check its MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating. Particles have different sizes. For instance, allergens are typically around 5 microns in size while viruses and bacteria are 0.3 microns in size—a big difference. A MERV rating will tell you how effective a certain air filter will be based on particle size. Here is a general overview of how the rating system works:

MERV 1–4:
Particles of 10 microns and above, not useful for improving indoor air quality
MERV 5–8:
Pet dander, pollen, large particles of dust and dirt
MERV 9–12:
All of the above, plus fine particles of dust, dirt, some mold and mildew spores, some viruses and some bacteria

The MERV rating goes up to 20, but filters with a MERV of 13 or higher are typically HEPA filters, which can seriously restrict the air flow in your system. If you need a HEPA air filtration system, work with a specialist before installing one.

Air Filters Also Help Your HVAC

When you upgrade your HVAC’s air filter to improve your indoor air quality, you also help your HVAC, too. This is because the standard air filter your heating and cooling system comes with is very basic; the MERV rating of a standard air filter is 1 to 4, the lowest on the scale. A stronger air filter captures more dust and dirt, which, uncaptured, can cling to parts of your system and effect its operation. The result is that while an air filtration system is cleaning your air, it also helps your system be more energy efficient and less stressed.

Air Services Unlimited Provides Air Filtration Services

Air filtration systems can be great for you, your home, and your heating and cooling system. If you need an air filtration system, or already have one and need to have reliable service, look no further than Air Services Unlimited. We have been helping customers in the area improve their indoor air quality since 1981, and we can help you, too—just give us a call!

Call our friendly team to learn more about our HVAC services at 409-842-4429.

Air Services Unlimited is a trusted name in HVAC, and we want to become your go-to HVAC services company for life.