One of the most efficient ways to heat or cool a home is using the energy just beneath the surface of the earth. Geothermal systems use a renewable energy source in order to bring heat into your home in the winter or cool down your home in the hottest months. These systems are long-lasting, durable, and can save you a lot of money each month. And the experts at Air Services Unlimited can make sure that your new geothermal heating and cooling system is installed properly.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and providing our customers a positive experience. Call us to get started on your geothermal heat pump installation or to schedule repairs or annual maintenance. We will make sure that your unit runs as efficiently as it was designed to, and we will take the time to make sure all of the parts are in top condition. Give us a call today!

Air Services Unlimited provides geothermal heating and cooling services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Is Involved with Geothermal Installation?

One of the main concerns homeowners have before scheduling geothermal installation is about the installation process. Installing a geothermal heat pump does involve time and some amount of mess, as part of your property will need to be excavated for the installation to take place. An underground loop is installed in your yard, but this loop should last for many years, and may not need replacement as long as you own the home. Otherwise, geothermal installation is much like it is with any other air conditioning system, involving the installation of both a compressor unit and an indoor air handler.

There are generally two ways the underground loop may be installed: vertically or horizontally. Horizontal loop fields are favored by most technicians, as they are easier and less costly to install. However, if you do not have enough space on your property for a large trench, vertical installation may be necessary. Ask one of our technicians for an assessment of your home in Beaumont, TX to determine which type of installation is right for you.

How Geothermal Works

Geothermal systems take advantage of the fact that the temperature of the earth is relatively stable if you dig down deep enough. The temperature a few feet underneath the earth’s surface is generally about 55°F. The underground loop system contains water or a water–refrigerant blend which transfers the heat energy from the earth to your heat pump for heating. And in the summer, heat from your home is transferred into the earth, and the cool water returning to the system helps to cool down the home.

We Install and Service Geothermal Systems

Installing a geothermal system is not a job for just any technician. Not every heating and air conditioning contractor offers geothermal heat pump installation or service. But the experts at Air Services Unlimited are more than qualified to take care of any geothermal service you may need. Trust us to provide you with the services you need to keep your geothermal system running properly.