Gas Furnace in Beaumont, TX from Air Services Unlimited

The furnace has been the primary choice for heating homes across the U.S. for several decades. In particular, the natural gas furnace remains one of the most popular systems found in homes. Gas furnaces use the natural gas line in your home to generate heat via combustion. Today’s gas furnaces are some of the safest heating systems you can have installed in your home, and you can count on us to ensure that this is done properly. Count on the heating experts at Air Services Unlimited for gas furnace installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Air Services Unlimited provides gas furnace services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of the Natural Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces cannot be installed in every home, but if you have a natural gas line it may be exactly the right system for you. Take a look at some of the major benefits.

One of the most remarkable things about gas furnaces is how long they last. Gas furnaces are built tough, and unless a major issue with your furnace occurs due to improper installation or sizing, it should last well over a decade and sometimes over two. If you want a reliable heating system that should not run into too many problems over the years (as long as you keep it well maintained), a natural gas furnace is a good choice.
If your home is like the typical home in the United States, it’s likely already set up for gas furnace installation. Not all homes are set up for central heating and air, but many are. As long as your home has a set of ducts and a natural gas line that services it, you can have a gas furnace installed in very little time. And if it does take up longer than a day, we can provide you with a temporary replacement until the job is done.
Cost of Operation:
Of course, installing any whole–home comfort system will come with a cost. But the cost of running a new gas furnace is usually quite low, especially if you allow our technicians to help you find an efficient system. We can help you to understand efficiency ratings so that your new gas furnace does not cost too much to run each month.

We Install and Service Gas Furnaces

Unfortunately, your gas furnace may run into problems at some point in time. Though today’s models are built to run safely, you should still seek professional services if you want to be sure that there are no safety issues with your furnace, such as a dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leak. An annual maintenance visit will protect against these issues as well as any surprise repairs.

But when there does come a time that you need gas furnace repair, you can count on us to get there quickly and complete the job properly. Contact the heating professionals at Air Services Unlimited and you can feel confident that any gas furnace repair, installation, or maintenance job in your area is completed with precision and that you receive the highest quality customer service.