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Electric Furnace Service

Furnaces are known for their durability, effectiveness, and reliability. And while gas furnaces are perhaps a more popular choice, an electric furnace can be a cost-effective alternative, especially if natural gas is not an option in your home. If you need a new furnace for your home, we can take care of this for you. Air Services Unlimited provides comprehensive electric furnace services, including replacement, maintenance, repair, and new installation. Give us a call today!

When Is an Electric Furnace Best?

Electric furnaces are durable and reliable, and today’s models can be very efficient. Any electric furnace sold in the United States today must have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of over 78%, which is much higher than the efficiency ratings of furnaces sold years ago. This means that your energy costs should drop significantly when replacing an older model, especially if your furnace is several decades old.

Usually, an electric furnace is only installed if the homeowner does not have access to a natural gas line. Electricity tends to cost more to use than natural gas does, which is why gas heating systems are often preferred. However, electric furnace installation costs less initially, and this is often a more pressing concern for homeowners.

Electric furnace installation offers one other benefit to the homeowner as well. Although today’s gas furnaces are known to run safely, there is risk associated with any gas heating system. With an electric furnace, you’ll never have to worry about any major safety issues such as a gas or carbon monoxide leak.

Are You in Need of Electric Furnace Services?

Any furnace installation or service—gas or electric—should always be completed by a trained professional. Repairing or installing a gas furnace on your own could present some safety issues. But servicing an electric furnace may appear to carry less risk. However, attempting any furnace service on your own can lead to trouble.

For example, installing a furnace involves careful sizing, and a unit that is the wrong size may use too much energy, encounter problems starting up, and can ultimately fail before its time. Many electric furnace repair needs are preventable if you schedule regular maintenance and make sure that only professionals install or service your system. Be sure to call a technician at the first sign of a heating issue, even if it seems minor, as prompt heating repair can keep the issue from becoming any larger.

We Offer Electric Furnace Repairs, Maintenance, and Installation

Are you looking for the perfect electric furnace for your home heating needs? Trust our experts to install your new system for you and to make sure that all of the parts are secure and operating properly. We will check that your new furnace is the right size for your home and that you get the level of efficiency you need to keep your monthly bills as low as possible throughout the colder months.

Electric furnaces are long lasting and sturdy, but electric furnace maintenance is still necessary if you want to run into few problems over the course of its lifespan. Call Air Services Unlimited if you do run into issues that require electric furnace repair at any point or for other furnace services.

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