Wine Refrigerators in Beaumont, TX by Air Services Unlimited

If you are a wine drinker, you know what an absolute delight a nice glass of wine can be. And if you are a purveyor of wine, you know how important it is that your wine satisfies your customers. Protecting your wine and keeping it in a robust, drinkable state takes planning and the right tools, one of which is a wine refrigerator. But without the right installation or service, your wine refrigerator may not do the job needed, spoiling your wine and impacting your bottom line.

The commercial refrigeration experts at Air Services Unlimited can help with all of your wine refrigerator needs, from helping you choose and install a new wine refrigerator or ensuring that your existing one runs optimally. Wine is a delicate liquid, and we want to help make sure your wine is protected.

Let us help you keep your wine properly chilled with our comprehensive wine refrigerator services.

Why Wine Needs to Be Protected

Wine is a living liquid. It changes its chemistry as it ages, until it peaks and then begins to degrade. It is a product with a definite expiration date, and its delicate nature makes it vulnerable to four key elements from which it needs protection:

  • Low humidity – wines are corked for reason: the cork blocks air from entering the bottle and ruining the wine. However, for the cork to stay intact, it needs to be kept at the right humidity level. If the level is too low, the cork will shrink and crumble, allowing air into the bottle.
  • Wide temperature variations – all wine should be kept at a temperature of 53 to 57 degrees, with the ideal temperature being 55 degrees. The reason for this is that when kept at a higher temperature, wine oxidizes, and when too low, it can freeze.
  • Light – sunlight may have helped the grapes for your wine grow, but they do the opposite once those grapes become wine. UV rays from the sun damage the wine, making it undrinkable, so it’s important to store your wine away from light, particularly sunlight.
  • Vibrations – vibrations can loosen the cork and shake up the wine in the bottle, compromising the wine’s body and taste.

Properly Sizing Your Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators come in a wide variety of sizes; the key to determining what size wine refrigerator you need depends on capacity. Wine refrigerators are not wine cellars. Wine should not be stored in a wine refrigerator for more than a year. So the question to ask yourself is how many bottles of wine do I go through a week, a month, etc.? For instance, there is no point in using a wine refrigerator that has the capacity for 100 bottles of wine if you don’t sell that much wine in a year. Our experts can help you determine what size wine refrigerator you need to ensure that you install one that fits your needs perfectly.