One of the major factors to consider with commercial properties is that there is often a huge difference in scale between them and homes. It isn’t just rooms that are larger, but systems and appliances as well. The same thing applies to refrigeration. The average residential refrigerator might be enough for some smaller commercial buildings, but anything like a commercial kitchen is going to need something quite a bit larger to fit its refrigeration needs. That’s why walk in coolers are so popular. If you need a walk in cooler for your commercial property, call Air Services Unlimited. We provide walk in cooler services

Air Services Unlimited provides walk in cooler services near Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas.

When Is a Walk In Cooler Ideal?

As mentioned above, a walk in cooler is ideal for any situation in which a smaller refrigeration unit just isn’t big enough. Walk in coolers can be customized to fit your specific situation, so there’s no real “ideal” size for them. The only question is whether or not your needs can be served by a smaller refrigeration unit. If not, then a walk in cooler is the next logical step.

We Install Walk In Coolers

Installing a walk in cooler isn’t as simple as bolting a refrigeration coil to a storage room wall. There are a number of considerations that come into play, including the dimensions of the cooler and the maximum cooling capacity. You’re going to want a group of experienced professionals to handle your walk in cooler installation. Fortunately, we happen to fit that criteria. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on installing your walk in cooler.

We Repair Walk In Coolers

Walk in coolers may seem like simple systems, but they really aren’t. The refrigeration system that powers the cooler needs to maintain a proper balance at all times. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, which happens more often than you’d think, the system could be completely drained of the fluid it needs to keep operating. It is also possible for the coil to ice over, which can happen if it isn’t kept clean enough. This prevents it from siphoning heat from the air, which causes further problems. If your cooler seems to be losing cooling capacity, give us a call. We’ll make sure that your walk in cooler is running properly again in no time.

We Provide Walk In Cooler Maintenance

Prompt repairs aren’t the only requirement for keeping your walk in cooler in prime condition. Scheduling annual maintenance allows us to identify any developing issues, and fix them before they can damage the system. Just one maintenance visit a year is enough to dramatically extend the health and lifespan of your walk in cooler. If you haven’t had any maintenance conducted on your cooler in the past year, and you want to keep it in top shape, call Air Services Unlimited today. We provide comprehensive cooler maintenance and repairs.