Server Room Cooling in Beaumont, TX by Air Services Unlimited

If your company provides data storage for other businesses, or you have a server room of your own on your commercial property, it is critical to keep the equipment in your server room cool. Computer equipment can generate a tremendous amount of heat, and the only way for these pieces of equipment to get the cool air and ventilation they need is with a good cooling system. This is where the experts at Air Services Unlimited come in. As recognized RUUD Top Contractors and Coleman Comfort Specialists, we know exactly how to keep your server room cool and comfortable for the expensive and important equipment inside it. Plus, all of our work comes with a 100% guarantee, so the job isn’t done until you say it is done.  

When you need help cooling your server room, call the commercial refrigeration experts you can count on: Air Services Unlimited.

3 Reasons You Need to Have Excellent Cooling in Your Server Room

We all know that machines don’t work well when they overheat, but here are some specific reasons why it is vitally important that your server room have its own cooling system:

  • Your commercial HVAC may not be adequate enough to cool the room – your commercial AC is made to cool your commercial space evenly; server rooms often need to be several degrees cooler and have their own ventilation systems.
  • Your commercial AC may break down – what happens if your building’s commercial HVAC system develops a repair issue or breaks down entirely? Without having your server room on a separate cooling system, your equipment will be at serious risk for overheating.
  • There’s an intense heat wave – you need to keep your server room equipment cool no matter what the temperature is outside. Heat waves can put great strain on HVAC systems, sometimes resulting in inadequate cooling.

Important Factors for Any Server Room Cooling System

When it comes to choosing a cooling system for your server room, you’ll want to keep these three factors in mind:

  • Proper ventilation to expel the hot air – server rooms are typically placed in the center of a commercial building for security reasons. This means there is no window for ventilation purposes. Server room cooling systems use their own ventilation hoses to properly and effectively expel the heat from your server room.
  • Condensation tank – the humidity in a server room needs to be relatively and maintained at this level around the clock. A condensation tank collects the moisture absorbed by the cooling system and expels it directly to the sewer line.
  • Automatic restart switch – this control will keep your server room cooling system operational even in the event of a power outage.

Call Air Services Unlimited for All of Your Server Room Cooling Needs in Beaumont

Computer equipment is expensive, and replacing it due to poor conditions in your server room is not an added expense you should have to deal with – but you will without an efficient server room cooling system. The commercial cooling experts at Air Services Unlimited can help you choose and install the right kind of cooling system for your server room, or make sure that your existing system runs optimally around the clock with excellent repair and maintenance services.