Ice Machines in Beaumont, TX by Air Services Unlimited

Do you use an ice machine with your business in Beaumont, or do you need to install a new one? We are the experts you want to call. For over 30 years, our commercial refrigeration experts have been serving the needs of our business community, and we are here to help you, too. With a specialized piece of equipment like an ice machine, it is vitally important to your business and the machine itself that only a trained professional with experience ever perform any kind of work on your commercial ice machine. This includes repair, maintenance, installation and replacement. We work on all types of ice machines and we have emergency service available for when you need it. There’s no need to shortchange your business in any way when you have the commercial refrigeration experts from Air Services Unlimited on your side.

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Types of Ice Machines

There are three main types of ice machines from which to choose for your business:

  • Modular/Ice head – this type of ice machine does not have an ice bin; instead, it sits on top of an ice bin you already have. This type of ice machine varies in size and can output anywhere from 250 pounds of ice up to 1000 pounds of ice.
  • Under the counter – also known as a self–contained ice machine, this type of ice machine outputs up to 350 pounds of ice and is equipped with its own ice bin.
  • Countertop ice dispenser – typically used in medical or healthcare–related businesses, this type of ice machine dispenses ice singularly; many also dispense filtered water. However, the capacity for this type of ice machine is quite high, up to 400 pounds.

Which type is for you? Let our experts help point the way!

Common Ice Machine Repairs

An ice machine is an open system because it needs a constant flow of water with which to create the ice. While many may think an ice machine works like a freezer, it actually works more like a dishwasher. Here are some of the common repairs our commercial refrigeration specialists see when it comes to ice machine repair in Beaumont:

  • Leaking water in the machine – your ice machine has an inlet valve for the water, and if there is a leak, it typically originates there. A leaky intake valve can create oversize ice cubes that can cause the evaporator to freeze up.
  • Low water flow – if your ice machine doesn’t get enough water, you won’t have big enough ice cubes or enough ice cubes.
  • Water temperature is too high – if the water that your ice machine uses becomes too hot – over 90 degrees – the ice machine will shut down as a safety and protection measure.

Let Us Help with All of Your Ice Machine Needs

The experts at Air Services Unlimited are here to help with all your commercial ice machine needs. We offer 24–hour emergency service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can help you choose and install a new system, replace an outdate one or make sure your existing ice machine is working optimally with expert repair and maintenance services.