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Commercial Air Purifiers

You work hard to make your business successful and to help it grow. The environment in which your business takes place is very important to daily operations, and if your indoor air is odiferous, stale, stuffy or humid, it can have a direct, adverse effect on your bottom line. However, one of the benefits of having a centralized HVAC system is having the ability to add upgrades, like a commercial air purifier, that can help clean your air so that it is fresh, clean and healthy. But adding a substantial upgrade like an air purifier to your commercial heating and cooling system isn’t a quick addition. Your HVAC system is complicated, so it’s very important that you hire trained commercial experts to handle the installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your commercial air purifier. The good news? We have the commercial experts you need right here at Air Services Unlimited. Air Services Unlimited is here to help with all of your commercial air purifier needs in Beaumont, TX.

Types of Air Purifiers for Commercial Spaces

When it comes to commercial air purifiers, you have three main choices:
  • Ion generator – an ion generator disperses negative ions into the air. The ions attach to the particles in your air, including allergens and biological contaminants. The bond between the two particles holds them together as one particle; the negative charge pulls them toward the surfaces in your home, where they are removed when the surfaces are cleaned.
  • Electrostatic precipitator – this type of air purifier also captures particles via a negative charge, but does so inside a cabinet because it collects the contaminants, after charging, on oppositely–charged metal plates.
  • UV (ultraviolet) germicidal lights – UV lights specifically target biological contaminants and organisms. They emit UV–C rays that mutate the DNA and destroy an organisms proteins so it can’t reproduce or survive. UV lights are typically used in conjunction with another type of air cleaner.

How Do I Choose the Right Air Purifier?

There are a number of commercial indoor air quality products available for business owners, and as demonstrated above, there are continued options when considering the use of a commercial air purifier in your commercial property. But you are not alone – the indoor air quality specialists at Air Services Unlimited are here to help. As a first step, we utilize Air Advice to monitor the quality of your indoor air. This helps us to accurately pinpoint the exact issues affecting your business’ indoor air so that we can make a solid determination as to which air purifier will be the best choice for you. We can also use this tool to examine your indoor air with any existing IAQ components you may be using to ensure that you are using the right ones. When you have the help of trained, knowledgeable experts on your side, you can rest assured that your indoor will be of the high quality it needs to be. The commercial indoor air quality specialists can help you with all of your commercial air purifier needs in Beaumont, TX – just give us a call!

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