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Commercial and industrial systems tend to be massive machines, some of which easily weigh over 50 tons. They have to be this large in order to successfully provide enough output to meet demand. Along with that increased size and output, however, comes a number of other considerations, one of which is heat. These systems tend to generate an immense amount of heat as a byproduct. Simple air cooling is often not enough to keep their operating temperatures within safety limits, which means they need an entirely different system in order to keep them cool. That’s what chillers are for. If you need a chiller installed, maintained, or repaired, contact Air Services Unlimited today to schedule an appointment.

What Are Chillers?

Chillers are essentially massive liquid cooling systems, used to keep industrial equipment within safe temperature ranges. They operate by using water or refrigerant to absorb heat from the host machine. The liquid is chilled and circulated throughout the system, absorbing heat along the way. Then, it moves through the system to a condenser where it releases the heat out of the system. The chiller essentially takes on the extra heat from the industrial appliance, and gets rid of it in its own way.

When Chillers Are Necessary

There are many industrial machines that require external chillers in order to operate properly. Many manufacturing machines melt materials of one kind or another, such as plastic and some forms of metal. Things like welding and even food processing machinery also commonly need chillers of one kind or another. When you need a chiller, you’ll know it. These machines cannot operate properly without an external cooling mechanism, and can become quite dangerous if used without one. If you have a commercial or industrial machine that requires a chiller, chances are you’ll know that long before the thing is ever turned on.

We Install Chillers

Chillers can vary pretty widely in size, depending on the system they’re meant to cool. Some of the large ones will absolutely require professional installation, because a professional company will probably be the only ones with the equipment to move them. Even with more manageable chillers, however, installation is not something you want to trust to someone who isn’t qualified for it. Improper chiller installation often leads to improper chiller operation, which can cause the machine the chiller is serving to become dangerously hot. If you need to install a chiller on one of your machines, call us today.

We Repair and Maintain Chillers

Chiller malfunctions are a serious problem, because they don’t only affect the chiller. If your chiller isn’t keeping the machine properly cooled, you could be taking quite a risk by continuing to use it. That’s why we offer comprehensive chiller repair and maintenance services. If you need to have your chiller repaired, or even just checked once a year, call Air Services Unlimited and we’ll take care of it.

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