man installs indoor unit of the air conditionerNo one wants to live in Southeast Texas without a functioning air conditioning system during the summer. The heat and dryness are enough to make you rethink your living situation.

If you’ve resolved to get a new AC unit, thumbs up. However, you must avoid AC installation mistakes; otherwise, you could be in for one miserable summer.

In this article, we’re telling you how to avoid AC installation errors. A properly installed AC is how you’ll stay cool and safe this year.

Read on!

1. Amateur Duct Installation

Don’t let poor techniques of duct installation be used in your home. Amateur installation can lead to cracks or gaps in your ducts. This will result in lost cool air, dust, and possible noise.

When connecting ducts, don’t use any kind of tape. The proper method would be to use a sealer.

You will also save money. When a duct has gaps or leaks, the AC has to work harder to compensate for rooms not cooling fast enough.

2. Incorrect Unit Size

If you have a large ranch home, you’re going to need an AC unit that is big enough to cool the entire home. It may seem attractive to buy a cheaper smaller model, but it could cost you more money in the end.

A smaller unit designed to cool smaller homes shouldn’t be used for large homes. It will need to constantly run, and the smaller AC still won’t cool the home.

If the smaller unit is constantly going, all the parts will wear out sooner. Before you know it, you’ll be back in line making a purchase for a new AC.

3. Forgetting to Set the Thermostat

After everything is installed, a new AC owner may forget to set the thermostat. Being able to program the thermostat from a control panel can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

For example, if you work from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., you don’t need to have the AC running during that time. Program it to be off until about 30 minutes before you get home.

You will conserve energy and save money.

4. Attaching the AC to Your Home

It might seem like a good idea to attach your split air conditioning unit or its base to your home. The truth is that you’ll be making life a lot more difficult for yourself.

Split air conditioners can generate a lot of noise if they are attached to your home. Use a frame and windshield to protect the unit and prevent unnecessary noise.

For proper installation, always use a professional HVAC technician.

5. Forgetting to Check Coils

Every year, you should check and clean your fins and coils on the condense outside. A quick and easy way to do this is by turning off the unit and then using a hose to spray it down.

After installation, if the coils have ice form on them, then there may be an issue with the condense or filter.

Avoid These AC Installation Mistakes and Stay Cool!

One of the last places on Earth you want to experience heat is in Southeast Texas. Failing to have a working AC can make your home feel like the dry desert.

Avoid these AC installation mistakes to stay cool this summer.

But why take risks with DIY installation when you can hire professionals to do the job? If you’re ready to have the professionals install your AC, contact us.