the heat wave is coming,business man holding a electric fanEven the most mild of summers are still unbearable here in our area—at least, without a fully functional and efficiently operating air conditioner they are. Summer hits hard and fast, with temperatures already rising.

We want to help you stay cool this summer, whether that means by making small adjustments around your home or equipping your home with the right Nederland, TX HVAC products and services. Read on for specific ideas!

Tip #1: Schedule AC Maintenance!

There are a few small maintenance tasks that you can—and should—do on your own. This includes changing out your air filter so it doesn’t block airflow and damage the cooling system, as well as checking around your cooling system’s outdoor unit to make sure it is free of debris.

But professional maintenance is needed once a year (or twice a year, if you have a heat pump) if you have any hope of your AC system working as efficiently and effectively as it should, for as long as it should.

Tip #2: Allow Cooler Outside Air in at Night, but Close Blinds During the Day

When you have east or west facing windows, it’s important during the day to keep your blinds close. This will help fend off at least a little bit of the heat that comes in during the hottest part of the day. At night though, if it cools off enough to do so, think about opening your windows a crack to let in the cool air.

Tip #3: Invest in a Whole House Dehumidifier

While we certainly don’t have to deal with the months of humidity that other parts of the country do (here’s looking at you, Florida) humidity does impact us, and not in a good way. It makes your air conditioner work harder and makes you feel warmer. A whole-house dehumidifier, however, can solve this problem—allowing you to be more comfortable and your system to work more efficiently.

Tip #4: Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans on their own can’t lower the temperature of your home, or even the rooms in which they operate. However, they help to distribute the air from your AC system more evenly, which helps you feel cooler. An added bonus to this is that your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, which decreases the level of wear and tear it receives throughout the summer.

Tip #5: Take a Dip!

We’re not pool experts, but we can tell you with a high level of confidence that finding a community pool or using your backyard pool is a great way to cool off! And while you don’t want to waste water, taking a quick cold shower can help as well.

Tips #6: Keep Your AC Running During the Day

There’s a common mistake that many homeowners make when running their air conditioners. They leave it off during the day when they aren’t home, and then “blast” it as cold as it will go once they get home, hoping the living space will cool down quickly. First off, it doesn’t help temperatures get to your desired level any faster.

Plus, it wears down on your air conditioner and is an inefficient way to use the system. For your comfort and convenience, we recommend leaving your thermostat at a higher temp during the day rather than shutting it off altogether when nobody is home.

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