dumped-ac-unitsIt seems like the summer gets longer and longer every year. Technically it’s fall right now, but out-of-towners (without any concept of time) would not be able to guess. Your air conditioner likely still has to run for part of the day, and that means you’re risking a potential AC repair every day. The longer you run the system, the higher the chance something can fail, but there are ways to reduce these chances.

In fact, some of them are quite easy to accomplish. Check out our list of some easy ways to get your system running smoothly and to prevent AC repair. You’ll be glad you did when the season finally feels like it’s come to an end!

ONE: Turn up the temperature

First, don’t be afraid to turn up the temperature a little bit higher than you’re used to. You may be surprised about how easy it is to get used to a temperature of, say, 78°F rather than 75°F. In addition, many people turn down the temperature as low as it can go when they get home on a hot afternoon. Don’t do this! This wastes energy and doesn’t cool the home any faster.

Instead, use a programmable thermostat to keep temperatures at a reasonable setting for most of the day and raise them by about 5-10° when you’re away. A Wi-Fi thermostat can even help you ensure temperatures cool down again right before you get home.

TWO: Don’t close up vents

Many people believe that they should close up the air vents in rooms of the home that aren’t being used. This is actually bad for your air conditioner. It was designed to cool a certain amount of space, and shutting off some of that space may lead to a malfunction. The air conditioner may run continuously to attempt to cool that room, or it might short cycle, running in brief spurts in a manner than wears down the system components.

THREE: Close the shades in the day

In the day time, you should always close the shades to keep the heat out. Ambient heat from the light of the sun can do more than you think. Your air conditioner has to run for longer when your home is heated in other ways—by the sun, by a lack of insulation, or through cracks in the windows or doors. These are all things to address eventually as well. However, when you’re looking for easy solutions, close the shades in the day, and open windows at night if it’s cool enough.

FOUR: Change the filter

Changing the air filter is one of the easiest ways to keep your air conditioner free of repair. Complete maintenance from a professional technician is still important, but changing the filter is something you can and should keep doing on your own.

A blocked filter keeps air from flowing through properly, as the dust and debris creates a barrier that may lead to malfunctions. Change the air filter every 1-3 months; it’s easy to do!

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