AC-repair-maintenance-toolsThere are plenty of things we put off even though we know we shouldn’t. You might decide that you can wait to put gas in your car, even though you know it’s a bad idea to drive around while you’re low on fuel. You may decide to wait to scrub the floors or wash the windows, even though you know the area will become more difficult to clean the longer you wait.

Waiting too long just makes things difficult, and when it comes to AC repair, it may actually make your wallet lighter. The longer you wait to repair your air conditioner, the worse a problem can get, especially if the system is short cycling. Today, we go into this common AC issue and explain why it’s so damaging to your air conditioner. Don’t put off repairs!

What Is Short Cycling?

Your air conditioner is supposed to start and stop, running in cycles rather than nonstop. It’s meant to run until it reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat. Then it shuts off until the house warms up past a certain point. This keeps the home from getting too cold and stops you from having to run the air conditioner without end (and pay for it).

But sometimes the cycles come too often and for too brief a time period. That’s short cycling, and it’s damaging to your cooling system.

The Damage of Short Cycling

All of that starting and stopping takes its toll on your air conditioning system. Short cycling can wear down the motors, and it could make it so that additional components of the system fail—not just the part causing the problem (more on that later).

In addition, you pay more to run a system that’s short cycling. It takes a lot of energy for an initial AC startup, and a short cycling system will be taking on that burden time and time again.

Potential Causes

While one potential cause of short cycling may be something you can solve on your own, others will require a technician’s help. And unfortunately, it may turn out your AC needs replacement.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

As we’ve mentioned before, the longer you wait, the more your air conditioner may cost to repair. Your energy bills add up as well. And besides, technicians are available right now to help. Towards the end of the cooling season, many people choose to wait until the next bout of hot weather before making any repairs. However, you’ll have better luck finding a technician to solve your problems now, and it will prevent emergencies the following year.

Don’t hesitate, call Air Services Unlimited today for exceptional customer service. We provide air conditioning repair in Vidor, TX, and we appreciate this opportunity to earn your business!