air-filter-in-ductsEnergy efficiency is a hot topic in modern appliances. The more efficient your oven, dishwasher, or clothes dryer is, the more you can save. With an air conditioner, the potential to save is even higher with a more efficient system, especially if you live in Texas.

The cost of running your air conditioner is incredibly high in the summer, and you might be looking for ways to make your unit more efficient. But there are conditions within the system and around the home that can have an effect on how much you spend.

Air Leaks around the House

Your home is not airtight when you close the front door. Windows, doors, pipes, air ducts, and vents most likely have cracks around them that allow air to leak outside. More accurately, these types of leaks likely allow heat from the outdoors to transfer to the air inside of your home.

Luckily, you can seal leaks on a relatively low budget. These types of leaks affect efficiency more than you think, so you should consider investing in some caulk or some weather stripping as needed to apply it around windows, doors, and other connections to the outside.

The Condition of Your Ducts

The condition of your air ducts can have a major effect on how cool you feel and how much money you’re spending. Sometimes, when homeowners call us to fix their air conditioner, we find that entire sections of their ductwork have collapsed.

The air ducts are really just a pathway for cooled air to get around your home. Since the ducts themselves have no moving parts, you might think that air duct damages are few and far between. However, most homes with ducts have leaks, averaging about 20-30% of air loss in any home.

To resolve duct issues, you may need…

Your Air Filter

Your home’s air filter might affect your air conditioner in a couple of ways. A dirty air filter keeps it from cooling properly and running efficiently because air cannot move through the system when debris in the filter blocks it.

Another issue occurs when the filter is simply not the right fit for your system. When this happens, the fibrous materials that make up the filter may actually be too thick. While they do block particulate, they also block air from moving in in the first place, ultimately wasting energy.

Multiple Floors or Large Rooms

If you have multiple floors in your home or very large rooms with unique architectural features, it can be difficult to cool some parts of the home, meaning your air conditioner has to run nonstop. A zone control system can help, allowing you to redirect air to the rooms that may need it more, which ultimately allows you to save money and stay more comfortable. Ask your local technician about zone control.

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