thermostat-dial-wallWhen you get home after any amount of time spent outdoors in the Texas heat—even on the walk from the driveway to your front door—you hope to be greeted by a nicely chilled home. Many people walk straight to the thermostat and lower the temperature settings as much as they go or to a temperature they think will make the heat more bearable.

If you turn the thermostat down to about 72°F and it’s a scorcher outside—say about 95°F or higher—you may be disappointed to find the temperature never quite reaches that setting. The air conditioner may run constantly, never achieving this low setting. Should you be worried?

About AC Design

Air conditioners don’t necessarily “create” cool air. They have to remove heat from a space. Refrigerant, a chemical blend moving throughout your AC system, absorbs heat from the inside of your home and moves that heat outdoors. That heat transference is what cools down a coil in the system that, in turn, cools the air.

Why That Setting May Be Too Low

All in all, it would be difficult to design an air conditioner capable of cooling down a home more than 20°F. Heat cannot be removed that quickly, and most air conditioning systems are designed and rated to an outdoor air temperature of about 95°F.

If you try to cool the home to 72° and it’s 100° outside, you’re going to be disappointed. Due to the extreme ambient temperature, it’s difficult to remove this much heat from your home. That means your air conditioner is running nonstop and using all that energy for no good reason. It will never accomplish these programmed settings.

What You Should Do Instead

Instead of running up your bills setting the thermostat to something that simply cannot be achieved, it’s advisable to find a reasonable temperature that works for your home and family members. Most people are comfortable with temperatures of about 78°F, and when it’s hot in the daytime, you’re going to have to compromise.

But there are many other ways to stay cool. Aside from managing temperatures, you can stay cool by running the ceiling fan and helping to evenly distribute the flow of air from the air conditioner. Drink plenty of water, of course, and keep your air conditioner well maintained to help improve temperature accuracy. That means changing the filter each month and scheduling professional maintenance once a year.

Upgrading Your Thermostat

You can upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat, one that connects to the Wi-Fi in the home, to save the most money. In fact, even if you cannot afford a smart thermostat right now, it’s worth it to upgrade an older manual thermostat or an outdated digital thermostat to a programmable model.

That way, it’s easy to ensure the home is a reasonable temperature before you arrive home, preventing you from feeling the need to turn the temperature down as low as it can go. Make a schedule that automatically raises the temperature by 5-10° when you plan to leave the home and turns it back down about 20-30 minutes before you arrive.

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