allergies-indoorsComfort depends on a lot of factors. Many people are most comfortable in their own homes, where their family members, pets, and possessions are, but there’s a lot that can take away from that level of comfort. Low or high temperatures, of course, affect the way you feel, but that’s only part of the equation.

You’re most comfortable when your indoor air quality is under control too. And an air conditioner alone may not do the trick. Find out how your air quality might be affecting your health and what you can do to improve it in our guide.

Contaminants are trapped in the air you breathe

As it gets hotter, you probably won’t leave doors or windows open for very long on purpose. The tighter your house is sealed up, the better your air conditioner can work. It’s the only way you can really feel comfortable and save money on your monthly bills.

But that means that your HVAC system continuously cycles the same stale air in your home. Without any ventilation, you might have contaminants like pet dander, viruses, or even chemical fumes trapped in the home, with little chance of filtering them out.

The filter in your AC system might not provide enough filtration

There is, as you hopefully know, an air filter already in your air conditioning system. Particles get trapped in the filter media as your air conditioner runs, keeping you from breathing in much of the dust in the air. The problem is that your air filter isn’t designed to filter out some of the smallest of contaminants that cause the most irritation to your sinuses, or those that lead to illness.

The filter is really designed to stop particles from damaging the AC system, which means the media may not be fine enough to block very small pollutants.

Humidity also affects your comfort

Pollutants in the air are only one way your indoor air quality may not be up to standards. There’s also the problem of poor humidity control. Low humidity levels dry out your skin and may contribute to prolonged illnesses due to dried-out sinuses. High humidity levels make the air feel warmer no matter the actual temperature on the thermostat and can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

You might need additional help for your HVAC system

Your heating and air conditioning systems may benefit from the addition of an indoor air quality system within the ductwork. That means that you’ll still use your air filter, but you can also have a system to help clean and regulate the air as it cycles throughout your home. Examples include:

You can also schedule air duct cleaning with a qualified technician to help clean out ducts of the dust and debris that can contribute to poor air quality. Call your local HVAC company to learn more!

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