Thermostat-78-degrees-handIt’s the part of the air conditioner you interact with the most, yet few people know how to use it the right way. A thermostat may seem like a fairly simple device, but programmable thermostats come in many variations and some people don’t take the time to learn how theirs work. Moreover, many people don’t use their thermostats in the most efficient way, as you’ll see below. Call Air Services Unlimited to upgrade your thermostat or for air conditioning services today!

Don’t turn the temperature too low

Your air conditioner works like this: it turns on when you need cool air, and it turns off once the temperature is sufficient. It does not, contrary to popular belief, cool down the home faster just because you’ve set the temperature to 60°f—it only continues to run in an attempt to reach an unrealistic temperature setting.

The blower fan won’t move any faster, but it will power on for longer, which means you waste energy and wear down the air unit faster. That’s why you should set the temperature to comfortable, efficient setting and leave it there most of the time instead.

Follow guidelines for energy efficiency

Instead of setting the thermostat as low as you can, find a temperature that works for your family. The Department of Energy recommends 78° as an efficient temperature most people find agreeable. But you should also make adjustments throughout the day. Setting it 10° higher when you are away or asleep, for at least 8 hours a day, can save you 5-15% on energy usage.

The best way to do this is with a programmable thermostat. That way, you can automatically schedule the air conditioner to turn on and off as you need it. A smart thermostat is an even more efficient option, with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to change the settings remotely wherever you are.

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