ac-unit-money-efficiencyIn the warmest parts of the country, our air conditioning bills can skyrocket rather quickly. Some days, it may seem like your air conditioner is running non-stop, which can really run up energy costs. But there are ways to make an air conditioner work more efficiently, so that you see a return on investment over time.

Insulate the Attic

Insulation is not only useful in cold weather. It’s one of the best ways to make your home a little cooler in the summer. Heat moves naturally to cooler areas, which is why your air conditioner has to work so much harder in the summer: heat is constantly moving back into your home. Insulation helps to slow the transfer of heat, which means your air conditioner works more efficiently.

Use a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Replacing your older thermostat with a new Wi-Fi model is one of the easiest ways to start saving. Today’s thermostats have capabilities that didn’t exist just a few years ago. They can learn your habits and schedule, automatically adjusting to the most efficient, comfortable temperatures throughout the day.

In addition, you can track your energy use and make adjustments from an app on your phone. That means you never have to worry about accidentally leaving the air conditioner on while you’re away. You always have a way to shut it off.

Seal the Ducts

The ductwork through which air travels from the blower fan to the space in your home can develop leaks through the years. In fact, most ducts have leaks to some degree, often wasting around 30% of the energy your air conditioner uses to cool the home.

Having a professional technician test and seal your ducts can help you save quite a bit of money over time, so this upgrade is well worth the investment.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, an upgrade is sometimes the best way to save money, especially in these circumstances:

Look for a new air conditioner with the ENERGY STAR label and a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for the greatest efficiency.

Schedule Repairs or Maintenance

Finally, if your air conditioner is not running efficiently, it may be due to a broken component. This would require the air conditioner to work harder than it should have to in order to cool the home, which runs up your bills. If it seems like there’s a problem with your air conditioner, schedule repairs today to start saving money for the rest of the season.

Otherwise, a professional AC maintenance appointment may help you to pinpoint problems or get a tune-up that helps the components run more smoothly.

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