Air quality is a major concern among homeowners, but it can be difficult to figure out what to do about problems with the air inside of your home. We know exactly how to manage temperature levels—by raising or lowering the settings on the thermostat. But targeting the contaminants that make your family members sick is another matter.

Ultraviolet lights may offer the solution you need to control air quality within the home—or they may not. Learn more about what these lights do and whether they are your ideal indoor air quality solution below.

How UV Lights Work

Ultraviolet light can kill and sterilize microscopic organisms. That includes bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and any other microscopic living thing that could make you sick. Bacteria and the like come across the UV rays and become sterile, meaning they cannot reproduce. This makes them harmless to breathe in!

How UV Light Is Situated in Your HVAC System

Essentially, the UV light touches all of the air that passes through your heating and air conditioning systems. And the light won’t affect you in a negative way. It’s situated securely in the duct system, so you don’t have to worry about a sunburn or any more hazardous effects of UV light exposure. The air your HVAC system circulates can cycle bacteria and other contaminants that cause illness easily, but UV lights can help.

But Is UV Light the Right Choice for Your Home?

This is the toughest question of all. The fact of the matter is that it is completely dependent on your situation. People with immune system disorders are safer in homes with UV light to clean the air. And anyone can benefit from a system that reduces pollutants that make us sick.

However, it may not take care of the particles that cause severe allergies and asthma attacks. Dust, pet hair, and other allergens that trigger allergy symptoms must be filtered from the air to resolve the issue, something that does not occur with UV lights. Ask your indoor air quality specialist about other solutions, like an air filtration system or alternate electronic air purifier.

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