We’re not used to dealing with colder temperatures for most of the year in Texas, so preparing for the winter is a bit of a foreign concept to many of us. The winters don’t tend to be too harsh, and we feel pretty grateful for the break in the heat anyway.

Still, if your home isn’t ready for the winter, there are a few safety issues you could encounter. We want to make sure that your home is safe and your family is healthy, which is why we’re helping you out with a few of our favorite tips to start working on now for a safe and healthy winter.

#1: Have your heating system tuned up by a professional

This is something we cannot stress enough. You simply cannot guarantee your heater will continue to operate safely year after year. If it’s hooked up to a gas connection, there is the unfortunate possibility of a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Even faulty wiring on electrical systems is a concern.

Call professional heating and air conditioning technicians to come to your home each year before temperatures are too cold for a heating system tune-up and inspection. It may mean a safer winter season, and a tune-up could even lower your bills.

#2: Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change batteries

The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around the house should be tested once a month. That means you’ll need to hold down the button on the unit and make sure you can hear a loud alarm.

In addition, change the batteries every 6 months to a year. We recommend doing this during the fall and spring maintenance seasons.

#3: Schedule dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vent fires are actually a concern year round. But since fall is typically maintenance season for homes in our service area, it’s when we start to recommend this valuable service. Dryer vent cleaning clears out the duct that leads from the dryer out of the house. And this is important because the dryer ducts are often full of flammable materials that have been linked to thousands of fires a year.

Don’t hesitate—call Air Services Unlimited today for exceptional customer service in Beaumont, TX. We appreciate this opportunity to earn your business!