This is something that has happened to many a homeowner: you’re on the way to work when you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten something.

You’ve left the air conditioner or the heater operating at full capacity. Yikes! The cost of keeping a home comfort system at your ideal temperature while you’re away can really add up.

Experts recommend that you change the temperature by about 7-10° while you are away from home or asleep, in order to avoid wasting money making a home more comfortable if no one is using it. But this is difficult to do with a standard thermostat.

Standard programmable thermostats can be tricky.

Although you are able to program temperatures to change ahead of time with a programmable thermostat, they are not very user-friendly devices. Many people don’t know how to use their thermostats, and we don’t blame them.

Typically, programmable thermostats allow you to make a couple of temperature variations throughout the day, and to have different settings for the weekend. But plans can change.

Wi-fi thermostats make all the difference.

Today’s “smart thermostats” have a wall-mounted control, but they also connect to the Wi-Fi in your home. This allows them to connect to the internet so that you can control the temperature in your home remotely.

All of the problems associated with wasting energy throughout the day heating or cooling an empty home are resolved. You can run the AC or heat without guilt throughout the day when you are home. And while you’re away, you’ll feel confident that your comfort system is working efficiently.

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