When you’re in the market for a new air conditioning or heating system, you want to make the process easy. But we believe strongly that the efficiency rating of your new whole-home comfort system is worth putting some time and effort into considering.

Here’s Why It Matters

The higher an air conditioner’s or heater’s efficiency rating it is, the less energy it needs to cool or heat the space in your home (assuming it’s the right size). However, at first, it may not seem as though the energy savings are worth it.

Of course, a high-efficiency system is going to cost more upfront. And when you look at the price tag you might feel better off with a system that simply meets national efficiency minimum standards. But that decision would cost you more over time.

The low monthly cost of owning a high-efficiency air conditioning system tends to offset the initial price. And remember, many HVAC companies offer you the opportunity to apply for financing, so you can make low monthly payments instead of worrying about the whole cost at once. Sometimes, the cost of your monthly payments combined with the lowered energy bills ends up being less than the previous drain on a homeowner’s utilities.

Selecting a High-Efficiency System

Not sure where to start when you’re trying to pick out an efficient comfort system? The most important step is to find an experienced, trained HVAC technician to help. This way, you can ensure that your system is the right fit for your home, which is the only way it can really run efficiently.

In addition, a technician can recommend top brands and give you some options, along with informed opinions. If you do find yourself comparing systems on your own, always look for the ENERGY STAR seal. We really recommend finding the highest efficiency rating within your price range, especially for air conditioning equipment in Texas, where you use your system for a large portion of the year.

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