You rely on your air conditioner to provide suitable temperatures when the temperature of the outdoor air is unbearable. And often, you want the temperature indoors to be as low as possible. We know how nice it is to get out of the scorching summer sun and make your way into a chilly room.

But you might be expecting too much from your air conditioner. If your AC system is not reaching your ideal temperature setting, there could be something wrong—or you might have chosen a temperature that’s much too low.

Your AC will struggle to lower the temperature by 20°

Most air conditioning systems simply don’t have the capacity to lower the temperature by any more than about 20°. When it’s 100°, you really cannot assume that your air conditioner will be able to lower the temperature to 72°.

When you set the temperature this low on your thermostat, the AC will have to continuously cycle in an attempt to reach that setting. This uses a lot of energy—even though you would be comfortable with a higher temperature setting.

What you can do to improve efficiency and AC performance

Keep your air conditioner working efficiently for longer by making smarter choices about the way you use your air conditioner.

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