Something we’d like to point out first and foremost is that water drips from every conventional central air conditioning system. It’s all part of how your air conditioner keeps you cool!

Where the water comes from

Humidity, or water vapor, in the air add to your discomfort in the summertime, making the air feel warmer than it really is. Thankfully, as part of the refrigeration process, some humidity is removed as water condenses on the outside of a very cool coil inside of your AC system.

Think of it like a cold glass of lemonade sitting outdoors on a hot day. Condensation forms on the outside, as it does on the outside of an AC coil as refrigerant removes heat from the warm air blowing past the coil.

How the water drains

This condensation will then drip off of the coil, potentially pooling beneath it. Luckily, the moisture has somewhere to go. Your condensate drainage system is made up of a tray underneath the coil with a hole at the bottom of it. The hole leads to a drainpipe and water evacuates out of your home. Some systems also have a pump to help move water along efficiently.

When the moisture gets out of control

A problem occurs when the drainage system moves out of place or becomes clogged up. Some common drainage problems include:

Solving the issue

Oftentimes, the problem is an easy fix for a technician. However, your home could suffer some major damage from the pooling water in the meantime. Protect your home by scheduling AC maintenance once a year to check on the condensate drain and all of the other components of your system. And schedule air conditioning repair as soon as you notice a problem!

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