We are at the apex of summer in Orange, TX, which means our daily temperatures are typically in the triple digits. This also means your whole home air conditioner is working at full capacity to keep your home cool and comfortable. However, “cool and comfortable” can be a relative term, especially when talking about specific degrees, and in our area during the summer, it’s very important to keep on eye the temperature you set on your thermostat.

The 20 Degree Spread

If you saw that the temperature dropped from 60 degrees to 40 degrees, you’d probably think that was pretty significant; it’s no different during the summer, even with our high temperatures: a 20 degree drop is a big difference. On the whole, 20 degrees lower is how much you can expect your air conditioner to cool down your home as compared to the outside temperature. This isn’t because your air conditioner is too old, not big enough or not powerful enough; simply put, your AC is made to make your home cool, not frigid. So, when you consider that it’s 100 degrees outside, the 20 degree spread tells you that you shouldn’t expect your AC to cool lower than 80 degrees.

Don’t Push Your AC

Pushing your air conditioner to cool less than 20 degrees than the outside temperature is taking a risk that can lead to overheating, malfunction and possible breakdown. It can also lead to excessive wear and tear and premature aging. If you feel you aren’t as cool as you’d like to be, there are some simple things you can do to improve this, including:

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