It’s pretty easy to tell that when your AC won’t start, or completely shuts off for seemingly no reason, that it’s time to call for repair help. But what about those times when your air conditioner is running, but things just seem to off somehow? Should you call for an expert? Here are some tips from the air conditioning specialists at Air Services Unlimited to keep in mind:

You are hearing strange noises and/or smelling strange odors.

Your air conditioner should operate pretty quietly. Typical noises might be the sound of air coming through ventwork or the tick of your thermostat. Anything loud, like banging, buzzing, popping or thumping are never normal operational noises, and shouldn’t be treated as such. The same goes for odors – there shouldn’t be any kind of smell coming from your air conditioner or the vents at any point. If there is, it’s time to call for an expert.

Your AC isn’t blowing enough air, or the air is warm.

Low volume air is something many homeowners overlook because they are getting cool air – just not enough. However, low air volume is a problem and it’s one that has to be dealt with before it becomes worse. Warm air blowing through your vents can be the result of a couple of different problems, and it’s best to allow your trained expert to figure that out and fix it.

Your utility bill suddenly goes through the roof.

When air conditioners run in a stressed state, they use up more energy than they should. This extra energy usage will be reflected in your monthly utility bill. A number of problems can account for a sudden spike in energy usage, so let a trained expert determine the issue.

If you are seeing the signs that your air conditioner in Beaumont, TX, needs some help, call the experts at Air Services Unlimited today!